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The Issues

Eddie Day Pashinski has already been fighting for what's important to Pennsylvania families in Harrisburg.


Affordable, Accessible, Quality

Eddie believes in reducing costs to make healthcare more accessible to all people, including making sure preexisting conditions are covered. Eddie will also continue to fight to ensure prescription drug costs are affordable. No one should have to choose whether or not they can afford medication. Eddie believes if it's not affordable then it's not accessible and consequently the quality doesn't matter.


More Money in People's Wallets

Eddie will continue to push for tax fairness for all, including property tax reform. Eddie believes that reducing the tax burden will provide more money in the pockets of the working people and our seniors. Part of the solution is making sure our state pays their fair share, which in turn reduces local property taxes.


Fully Funded Public Education

As an educator, Eddie knows the importance of properly funded public schools. Eddie fights to guarantee a quality education for every child so all our children can have the opportunity to succeed and contribute back to America in service and purchase power. Eddie also believes legislators must keep kids safe from gun violence in schools by providing the necessary safeguards to protect all of society, especially our children.

Quality of Life

Supporting Working Families

Eddie believes in supporting Pennsylvania's working families and voted to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour over the next three years. He also believes in helping grandparents who are raising their grandchildren by keeping families together when tragedy strikes. Eddie also knows legislators in Harrisburg need to support those struggling with opioid abuse and addiction by providing the necessary mental and medical care to address these issues.

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