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Eddie fights for children to receive the highest quality education for each and every student.

Our founding fathers recognized you can't build a new country and make it successful and mighty without an educated population. They recognized if all our American children we're given the chance for a great public education, It didn't matter “what side of the tracks” You were born on, you could become a success without a good education. That philosophy still holds true today. That is why we must fairly and properly fund our public schools so that all our children can have the opportunity to become successful and then contribute back to America in service and purchase power. The Governor and my party have presented many proposals to reduce the local tax burden and utilize the state resources to balance the states responsibility to appropriately fund all our public schools. Unfortunately, resistance from the majority party in Harrisburg has prevented these new ideas from helping both children and families. That is why we all have to vote for Democratic candidates to ensure that all of our children have the equal opportunity to learn and thrive.

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