Education is an issue of great importance to Rep. Pashinski. Here’s a recent comment from him:

“Being a former public high school teacher for 38 years, I value the importance of a public education. It is the pathway for our children to enjoy a better quality of life and preserve America’s future.”

– Eddie Day Pashinski

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  1. Lori Scally Zaleski on May 24th, 2011 12:10 pm

    I am shocked by the proposed cuts to education. Being a parent of 3 children within the public school system, I have seen first hand at our recent school board meeting the impact these cuts will have on our school district.
    Not only will valuble educators be let go which will increase class size and decrease educational value, but we are taking steps backward and regressing rather than progressing and investing in our state’s future. Our district is proposing losing 8 teachers, cutting junior high sports/extracurricular activies and going back to 1/2 day Kindergarten. Just think about the impact this can have on our community. Junior high is a time where we need to be guiding our children to make the right decisions and choices and encouraging participation in activities, whether that be sports, band, chorus, what have you. Without these programs, these kids will have ample time on their hands to stray off the straight and narrow path. These activities are an outlet for our students.
    The possibilty of having a 1/2 day Kindergarten when many children already attend full time pre-school is also not a step in the right direction. Our kids are learning more at a younger age and to take a step backward is detrimental to our future. Please support our education system, I know you will do whatever you can to ensure the future of our children.
    Thank you!

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