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Five years ago, Rep. Pashinski organized the Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) Health Care Reform Task Force (HRTF). This task force is made up of twenty healthcare professionals dedicated to finding practical solutions to the health care crisis.

Rep. Pashinski recently had this to say on the health care crisis:

“This group (NEPA HRTF) has submitted a white paper to the federal government for review and consideration as we all struggle to find ways to reduce the cost of health care premiums while still providing quality health care. We believe that health care for all Americans is a necessity and not a privilege. We engage in frank and honest discussions where politics never play a role in our discussions. We believe everyone must have skin in the game where no one will get it for free and we’ll all pay our fair share including the President, the Congress, and everybody else in between. We approach the health care crisis as Americans and together we believe that we can provide a more practical and successful health care system than we presently have. We also believe in the premise that the patient comes before the shareholder and that quality medical protocol trumps dividends and mega-salaries. “

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